BMMHS Working with Charities

BMMHS is helping to raise funds for a range of military charities

From the outset of the formation of BMMHS we have raised funds for military charities. At each Zoom talk or meeting we endeavour to make a financial contribution to the speakers military charity of their choice. 

Royal British Legion
Royal British Legion
Blind Veterans UK
Toc H
Navy Wings
Navy Wings
The Special Reconnaissance Regimental Association (SRRA)
The Special Reconnaissance Regimental Association (SRRA)
The Second World War Experience Centre
The Museum of Military Intelligence
Bawdsey Radar Trust
Bawdsey Radar Trust

Glimpses of War - Raising funds for Blind Veterans UK

During the first lockdown BMMHS launched Operation Bookwork to help raise funds for charity. With time on the hands of many of us during the wretched COVID19 pandemic, this is an ideal chance to put together articles about a family members experiences  – military or civilian – in the military conflicts of the last 200 years.

Operation Bookworm

As a result, BMMHS is currently in the process of producing a book the proceeds of which will go to Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s).    

An additional aim of this book was to help individuals through the pandemic by asking them to focus on producing articles and to help take their minds off the COVID virus during this challenging time.

The book’s title is  Glimpses of War’ and volume one (of three planned volumes) is now at proof reading stage and anticipated publication around Easter time.    There are some fantastic tales of heroism, sadness, people ‘doing their bit’, and some excellent pieces from historians too.   We hope you all will be buying a copy and giving copies to all your friends and family as gifts too – it’s all in an excellent cause. 

Watch this space for launch. 

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible. 

“I am delighted that the BMMHS has taken this initiative to record eyewitness accounts during the Lockdowns. For historians, first hand accounts are the building blocks of good story telling and to do so with fund-raising for BVUK in mind is doubly pleasing.”

Paul Beaver, historian and broadcaster

Fundraising Appeal

Nicci Pugh - White Ship Red Crosses

BMMHS is helping to raise raise £2,000 to place a plaque remembering the 1982 Hospital Ship Uganda on the Remembrance Wall at the Falkland Islands Chapel, Pangbourne. 

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