We are delighted to announce that Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry has kindly offered to give a Zoom talk to BMMHS on Tuesday 4th April 2023 on The War in Ukraine.
What has happened and is happening in Ukraine.
Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry will review the Ukrainian and Russian military campaigns in Ukraine, highlight some of the salient lessons and forecast what the conflict might mean for the future of geopolitics and warfare.
Chris Parry is well-known as a successful strategic forecaster, broadcaster and best selling author.  He was mentioned in dispatches during the Falklands War for disabling an enemy submarine and rescuing 16 SAS from a glacier in South Georgia. 
Last year Chris gave us an excellent talk based on historical and personal insights in which he described the difficulties and challenges the task force faced in the successful liberation of the Falkland Islands. 
Rear Admiral Chris Parry, CBE
Rear Admiral Chris Parry, CBE