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We asked our members to provide us with details of the topics concerning military history that they would like to hear about. To date these topics include a broad range range of interests ranging from the Napoleonic era through The Two World Wars, The Cold War and more recent conflicts.

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Fellow members – If you want to us add further topics of interest, or if you have a story to tell, then please let us know info@bmmhs.org

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Topics of interest to date include......

Sunday 15th September is celebrated officially as the climax of the Battle of Britain
On this Day: 29th August 1950: British troops arrive in Korea.
Pre World War 1
The Boer War
Sudan & Omdurman
Between the World Wars
The Indian Army
British Sea Power
World War 2
SOE/French Resistance
Battle of the Atlantic
The Role of Coastal Command
Burma Campaign
Bomber Command
Fighter Command
Eastern Front
Italian Campaign
Operation Fortitude
Battle for Berlin
Life under Axis Occupation
Battle of the Bulge
North African campaign

Life on the Home Front in WW2

Post War Conflicts
The Falklands War
African conflicts
Bosnia and the  Balkans
Cambodia, Pol Pot
The Cold War
Making Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Cuban Missile Crisis

This is not an exclusive list….we are open for ideas. If you wish to speak on other topics or can recommend other speakers then please contact us on info@bmmhs.org


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