A few more in recently including all manner of experiences so far, ranging from heroic deeds in WW1, living through the Blitz in Romford,  serving in Iraq in 2003,  life as a POW of the Chinese, life on board RN submarines and a nurse serving on the hospital ship Uganda in the Falklands,  Some are very moving, some stirring, some amusing, and some tales of ordinary people doing both ordinary and extraordinary things.  Also seeing some international ones –  Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, France and Austria.


Operation Bookworm

"Helping us all through the Great Isolation"

Operation Bookworm

With all BMMHS talks cancelled for the summer and hoping to resume in September, we have decided to put the ample time we all have our hands at present  to produce a book with the main content being from articles, memories, anecdotes of military experiences (serving or civilian) of our members or their family members and friends.    

We will also look to include articles and book excerpts from various authors and historians. The working title at the moment is ‘Glimpses of War’.  All the net profits will be donated to the Blind Veterans UK charity.  

Please keep them coming…Send them into us at info@bmmhs.org