Operation Bookworm Weekly Update

More stories are still coming in every day. Over the past few days these include an SOE poem, a series of Home front articles including, children’s gas masks, WVS salvage, butterfly bombs, Operation Garlic and the last year of the occupation in The Netherlands.

From all over the world, we have had some remarkable stories of great bravery and valour, while others have told how it was as civilians enduring hardships and fear we cannot imagine.   A mixture of incredible stories of survival, and some of being witness to hugely significant historical events.   Alongside these are tales of ordinary people ‘doing their bit’, some with great humour, others with great fortitude and some with great sadness, and often a mixture of all these.

If you have a family story to tell, do get in touch… we would love to hear from you.

A big thank you for sending your articles in to us.  Please ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to send in their contributions to Operation Bookworm.

 Please send your articles in to us ASAP info@bmmhs.org as the closing date for your submissions is 30th June 2020.

Housewives! WVS Needs Your Help! (Art.IWM PST 19869) recruiting poster Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/35418
Operation Bookworm

"Helping us all through the Great Isolation"


Operation Bookworm

With all BMMHS talks cancelled for the summer and hoping to resume in September, we have decided to put the ample time we all have our hands at present  to produce a book with the main content being from articles, memories, anecdotes of military experiences (serving or civilian) of our members or their family members and friends.    

We will also look to include articles and book excerpts from various authors and historians. The working title at the moment is ‘Glimpses of War’.  All the net profits will be donated to the Blind Veterans UK charity.  

If you are writing an article for Operation Bookworm but can’t meet the deadline please out know – email us on info@bmmhs.org