Operation Bookworm Weekly Update

Some more of the stories that have been sent in to us for Operation Bookworm. These include a Green Beret in Vietnam, a remarkable story from the Boer War, Home Guard Weaponry, Fleet Air Arm actions in the Korean War, the three VC holders of Halton, a surgeon involved on the rescue ships with the Atlantic Convoys, Crossing the Chindwin River in Burma, life on board a minesweeper during the Cold War and MI9 Escape & Evasion.

A big thank you for sending your articles in to us.  

 If you have been working on an article for us but have not yet sent it in then please let us know on ASAP info@bmmhs.org 

Boer War - A siege on a blockhouse
Operation Bookworm

"Helping us all through the Great Isolation"


Operation Bookworm

With all BMMHS Meetings cancelled for the summer and hoping to resume in September, we have decided to put the ample time we all have our hands at present  to produce a book with the main content being from articles, memories, anecdotes of military experiences (serving or civilian) of our members or their family members and friends.    

We will also look to include articles and book excerpts from various authors and historians. The working title at the moment is ‘Glimpses of War’.  All the net profits will be donated to the Blind Veterans UK charity.  

Thank you for your articles & we will keep you updated on the books progress. Any questions please contact us on info@bmmhs.org