Operation Bookworm 

Starts today…

We are looking to produce a book with profits to the Blind Veterans UK  charity comprising a bit of your own family history – it could be your own experiences, your Father or Mother’s, your sons, your grandads, an aunt or uncle.

We only want a short article – from a couple of paragraphs to 3 pages ideally with some photos/documents – certainly not War and Peace or a lengthy,  detailed history of a military career.  

Please get writing & send them to us   info@bmmhs.org

Your help is for a great cause and can keep you focussed during these challenging times of lockdown and self isolation.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us info@bmmhs.org

The BMMHS Team

Operation Bookworm

“Keeping us going through the Great Isolation”

Your BMMHS Needs You!