Next Visit - Bletchley Park

Wednesday 2nd October 2019  

Bletchley Park, once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers is now a vibrant heritage attraction. 

During the Second World War, the estate housed the British Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers – most importantly the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers; among its most notable early personnel the GC&CS team of codebreakers included Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman, Hugh Alexander and Stuart Milner-Barry

Departure: Crowmarsh Gifford

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Bletchley Park
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Enigma in radio car of the 7th Panzer Div. staff, August 1941 Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-2006-0188 / Lücke / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Images courtesy of Bletchley Park and Bundesarchiv
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