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November/December 2022

Dear BMMHS Supporter


It has been a busy year for BMMHS with a full schedule of Zoom and live talks throughout the year and the publication of our third book, Glimpses of the Falklands War, in aid of Blind Veterans UK.


Thanks to the efforts of Linda, we have had an impressive range of talks on a wide variety of topics which have been well received given by  both prominent and lesser known speakers. Audience numbers for live talks have been a bit down on the pre-pandemic numbers but that is not altogether surprising, but these have been more than compensated by the attendance for our Zoom talks with audiences coming from across the globe.   The schedule for 2023  looks just as fascinating and interesting with undoubtedly something to whet your collective appetites. Thank you to everyone who attends. If you know of speakers or have topics you would like us to include in the future, do let us know.  Also do tell your friends and associates about us. They can be assured of interesting talks and a warm welcome, both on-line or in person.


Glimpses of the Falklands War was published in under 6 months from the initial idea, in order to coincide with 40th anniversary of the liberation of the islands. Over 100 servicemen and women, civilians and Falklands Islanders contributed their own stories and memories.  A big thank you to everyone who contributed either with their own stories or helped with proof reading or in another capacity. The reviews have been outstanding and sales have been our best yet. It was a great boost to get an order from  the Falkland Islands Museum for a stock of books to sell to locals and visitors.  So as you start to think about your Christmas shopping, why not treat yourself or a friend to a copy ?


Our charitable donations from all our activities now are approaching £5500 with over 25 different charities benefiting.  Again your support to us helps all these charities


BMMHS takes a great deal of effort and organisation to run.  If any of you wish to get more actively involved in BMMHS, and helping fashion its future direction and the day-to-day running of the society, we would love to hear from you.  


And finally, I would like to personally thank the other members for the BMMHS team  – Jerry, Linda and Nigel – for their hard work in making 2022 a great success and particularly yourselves for supporting us.


May I take this opportunity of wishing you and your loved ones a most enjoyable and happy Christmas (yes, just over a month away) and a healthy and fulfilling 2023.


With warmest  seasonal greetings


Andy Cockeram

Chairman BMMHS

Glimpses of the Falklands War - Reviews

‘The Task Force’s victory in the Falkland Islands gave freedom back to the Islanders, releasing a vibrant energy to develop their lives. This fascinating compendium is another triumph in the “Glimpses” series!’              

Major General Dair Farrar-Hockley MC, 2 Para in the Falklands

Dair Farrar-Hockley
Major-General Dair Farrar-Hockley MC

Some of the reviews on Amazon:-
5.0 out of 5 stars Really well put together experiences of the wider impact of the War.
This is an extremely absorbing compendium of snippets of personal accounts from and around the Falklands War. It reflects on the wider ripples which spread out from and during the war- bringing in those who were behind the scenes, those in the Islands, those who fought on both sides and the ongoing legacy of how future generations in the islands recall and reflect on how momentous it was-and has been- in their lives. A thoroughly good read and a very valuable addition to the library of accounts of the Falklands War. Compelling.

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply a great read.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this excellent book.
The concept of bringing together so many personal experiences is be admired.
Many new and interesting facets of this war are brought to the fore.
I would say that it is essential reading, that gives the reader an excellent overview of The Falklands War.

5.0 out of 5 stars We did our Duty.
Have just finished reading. A poignant, informative and interesting read through the Falklands War 1982.
Full of personnel accounts from every aspect of the battles fought, the aftermath, clean up, homecoming through to the years after and much much more. Worth every penny. A Falklands War Veteran.

‘Glimpses of the Falklands War’ provides an excellent insight into how individuals react and adapt to the challenges and shocks of a closely fought war, without air superiority, against a determined, professional and powerful enemy (especially in the air), thousands of miles away. The lessons from this war and its mass casualty situations remain as relevant now as forty years ago, indeed even more so. The book is a glimpse of today.

I highly recommend ‘Glimpses of the Falklands War’ to you, and the others in this series.

David Vassallo, Lt. Col RAMC, Chairman, Friends of Millbank

‘COVID inspired books for military charity'

A compilation of military stories and eyewitness account to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK
The BMMHS Glimpses of War books are available on Amazon as both paperback and  Kindle versions.

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