Chairman's Message

June 2020
I hope you and your family are keeping well and are coping with all the lockdown, isolation and social distancing restrictions we have all been facing.
We thought we should give you an update on BMMHS and the outlook for resuming business as normal:
a. Our talks… while we are waiting for clearer guidance on when, if and in what format our talks can resume, we believe that the very earliest will be this autumn, but it may be not into next year.  It is also likely we shall have to have restricted numbers of attendees so that social distancing rules can be adequately enforced.  So the message is ‘watch this space’.
b. Zoom meetings…in June, we shall be piloting holding some talks via Zoom with a restricted number of participants to make sure the technology works.  Assuming it does, we shall look to roll this out further. 
Linda will be putting a note out to you all shortly on this to determine the level of interest
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c. Operation Bookworm…we have been working hard over the last few weeks getting in articles and contributions for our book in aid of the charity Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstans).
We have had a tremendous response with contributions from across the globe on a range of diverse topics from the Crimean War, PoWs surviving the Death Railway and the Blitz, or fighting at Goose Green.
For those of you who have sent in contributions, a big thank you.
For those who have promised something, please get them into us as soon as possible on
For the others who are still thinking about it, time is running out to submit. 
Our deadline in 30th June. So get writing… and don’t miss the boat!
Operation Bookworm logo
We are all looking forward to getting back up and running again as soon as we safely can.
However in the interim, do respond to Linda’s email on Zoom, and get those Bookworm contributions in to us
Stay safe and well.
Best wishes
Andy Cockeram
Chairman, BMMHS

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