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Glimpses of War is a British Modern Military History Society publication the proceeds of which go to Blind Veterans UK. The books are a compilation of military stories and eyewitness accounts.

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Just some of the stories from Glimpses of War

Remembering those involved in the Falklands…
John Beazley Battle of Britain Pilot
Children’s Gas Masks
MTB Action off the Dutch Coast
Remembering those involved in the Falklands…

In June 1982, the Falklands War came to an end after 74 days of bloody battles and Argentina surrendering. 255 British servicemen lost their lives and many more were injured, including blind veteran Terry. Terry was on board the HMS Antrim and, while attempting to fight a fire onboard, lost his sight when he was targeted by an airstrike.

Terry is one of many who recounted their experiences in Glimpses of War – a collection of wartime stories in aid of Blind Veterans UK. Find out more or download a free chapter about the Falklands War.

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Registered charity in England and Wales (216227) and in Scotland (SC039411). A percentage of royalties will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.
Jim Wright DFC
Wing Commander (Ret) Jim Wright DFC, former navigator with Bomber Command Pathfinder Force & veteran of 44 wartime missions.

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 ‘We are privileged to help rebuild the lives of those who have served and lost their sight, and very grateful indeed to the BMMHS for their unfailing support for our mission.’ Major-General Nick Caplin, CEO Blind Veterans UK

The British Modern Military History Society (BMMHS) have now published two volumes of  Glimpses of War, the  proceeds from which go to the military charity  Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s). Both of the books are now available on  Amazon. 

Inspired by the first COVID lockdown, when our monthly live talks ceased, we asked our BMMHS members and associates to search their family archives and papers for their own and their family members’ experiences of war time – military or civilian, any war, any role. An overwhelming response has seen in excess of 220 articles and over 400,000 words from across the globe including the USA, Australia and several European countries. Articles range from the Boer War through the two world wars to the more recent Falklands War in 1982 and Afghanistan.

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Extracts from Glimpses of War

Glimpses people

‘We were awakened by two terrible crashes and we felt the ship vibrating violently, the sound of running feet, and someone opened our cabin door and said, ‘To your boat at once sisters, we have been torpedoed’.  Daisy Dobbs, A British nurse torpedoed off Le Havre on the Warilda in 1918 

I felt myself coming to the top, yet being drawn towards something which I found out to be the small boat upside down, the waves were very strong and dashed me against the sides unmercifully, this, with the terrible cries of the men and women in the water was horrifying, then I sank once more… Daisy Dobbs, A British nurse torpedoed off Le Havre on the Warilda in 1918

Indeed upon release he weighed little more than 7 stone and at almost 6ft, this must have looked absolutely painful.’   George Bainbridge, upon his release as a POW under the Japanese in 1945

‘ I remember an overriding feeling of fear wondering if bombs were going to land near us. … When the bomber’s drone started to diminish we knew if we heard the whistle of bombs they would impact somewhere beyond us.’   David West as a 9 year old during the blitz in London

‘Battle is by nature ‘chaotic and brutal and our experience was to be no different. Our strength lay in the qualities of the airborne soldier. Guts, an utter determination to succeed, professional fighting skills of the highest order..  Dair Farrar Hockley, fighting with 2 Para in the Falklands war

‘A week later the boyish looking 19-year-old flew his first sortie. He and the rest of his section did not return…’  Geoffrey Gledhill, who was killed during the Battle of Britain flying his first sortie

‘Then there was a terrific noise as the plane opened up with cannons and machine guns.  I was terrified and froze, I could not move a muscle…’  Bob Payne as a young boy describing an attack by a German plane in Bury St Edmunds

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Registered charity in England and Wales (216227) and in Scotland (SC039411). A percentage of royalties will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.

When Blind Veterans UK was founded In 1915, our mission was to help soldiers blinded during the First World War.

Today we offer lifelong support to Armed Forces and National Service veterans – no matter what the cause of their sight loss, and regardless of how long they served.

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