Glimpses of the Falklands War

Falkland Islands Conflict 40th Anniversary

A compilation of military stories and eyewitness accounts to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK

‘The Task Force’s victory in the Falkland Islands gave freedom back to the Islanders, releasing a vibrant energy to develop their lives. This fascinating compendium is another triumph in the “Glimpses” series!’ 

            Major General Dair Farrar-Hockley MC, 2 Para in the Falklands

To mark the 40th anniversary, the British Modern Military History Society has compiled a book of memories and stories of those who served in the Falklands. The latest book in the Glimpses of War series, Glimpses of the Falklands War, has now been published and is  available on Amazon.  As with other volumes of Glimpses of War, all profits will go to the charity Blind Veterans UK. #blindveterans


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Now Available on Amazon

Registered charity in England and Wales (216227) and in Scotland (SC039411). A percentage of royalties will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.

When Blind Veterans UK was founded In 1915, our mission was to help soldiers blinded during the First World War. Today we offer lifelong support to Armed Forces and National Service veterans – no matter what the cause of their sight loss, and regardless of how long they served.

‘The Task Force’s victory in the Falkland Islands gave freedom back to the Islanders, releasing a vibrant energy to develop their lives. This fascinating compendium is another triumph in the “Glimpses” series!’              

Major General Dair Farrar-Hockley MC, 2 Para in the Falklands

Dair Farrar-Hockley

Glimpses of the Falklands War

"Many vivid and wide-ranging eye-witness accounts"

I thoroughly recommend ‘Glimpses of the Falklands War’ to you. Its many vivid and wide-ranging eye-witness accounts, most never before published, are riveting to read, bringing the war and its aftermath alive on the printed page. The BMMHS is certainly to be congratulated for galvanising some two hundred contributors from across the globe, including the Falklands and Argentina, to reveal their individual memories of so many different aspects, and for collating and publishing them, all in just a few months; the result is a very powerful and unique testimony to the life-changing event that was the Falklands War. The accounts in ‘Glimpses’ are all the more poignant for being tempered by forty years’ reflection and reconciliation, and for helping raise funds for Blind Veterans UK.

‘Glimpses’ also holds a mirror to events today, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and offers a glimpse into future wars too; technology may change but the nature of war, its results, and human emotions and  reactions, remain the same. There is hope too: the steely determination not to bow down and surrender to an aggressor, and the empathy of others, come across strongly in this book; this resonates with Europe and the world today and will doubtless continue to do so for wars potentially yet to come or preventable. Wars are about people, and self-determination, much more than about geography. Potential aggressors, think twice, and desist. There are no winners in war. ‘Glimpses’ offers us a glimpse into present and future, just as much as it does into recent past.

Col. David Vassallo, RAMC, 
Chairman, Friends of Millbank

Glimpses of the Falklands War in front of Stanley Cathedral - Special thanks to Falklands Islander Marvin Clarke for this photo.

Glimpses of the Falklands War, from the British Modern Military History Society, recounts some of the personal experiences and stories of over 100 service men and women, Falkland Islanders and others who were involved in the Falklands War, 40 years ago.  These range from the early stages with the Argentine invasion and occupation, the Task Force heading south, to the recapture and liberation of Stanley 74 days later.   This book tells tales of heroism and tragedy, of fear and resilience, of sadness and joy, many graphically and emotionally told, not least by the Falkland Islanders who lived under a strict occupation during that time. 

These stories are from many unsung heroes – the dockworkers who prepared the ships in record time, the helicopter pilots who rescued casualties from blazing vessels, freezing waters and mountainsides, the medics and padres who tended to the wounded both friend and foe alike, to the teenagers who manned the defence systems on the ships, the courage of the bomb disposal teams, or the ground troops which yomped across rugged terrain to Stanley and the final victory.  Each and every one made an important contribution to the victory against an unwanted aggressor.

This is a unique book with many stories previously untold. Every sale generates a donation to Blind Veterans UK, as with the previous two volumes of Glimpses of War.

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Glimpses of the Falklands War is now available on Amazon to commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the conflict.

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‘The Royal Marines landing at San Carlos’ by David Rowlands

GoFW Cover Painting
‘The Royal Marines landing at San Carlos’ by David Rowlands

War artist David Rowlands has very kindly given BMMHS permission to use his stirring and emotional cover depicting British forces landing at San Carlos.

‘The Royal Marines landing at San Carlos’

In the early hours of darkness on 21st May, 1982 eleven ships, led by Fearless and Intrepid, sailed towards Falkland Sound, the channel between East and West Falklands, and into San Carlos Water. A Force 8 gale had been blowing for days; low cloud and heavy rain kept enemy aircraft at bay. But as the Task Force sailed into San Carlos Water and the landing craft put out from their mother ships, the sea was dead calm beneath a clear, cold sky twinkling with stars.

The Royal Navy’s 4.5-in. guns opened up on the Argentinian troops on Fanning Head. 40 Commando Royal Marines and 2 Para, heavy laden with equipment and weapons, clambered into the landing craft in the darkness. They were the first ashore, wading for the last few yards waist-deep towards Blue Beach. 3 Para’s objective was Port San Carlos Settlement. By 0730 hours the landings by 40 Commando and 2 Para on Blue beaches 1 and 2 were complete.

As the dawn rose, the next wave, 45 Commando, faces blackened, wearing a mixture of berets and helmets, splashed ashore at Red Beach in Ajax Bay, while 3 Para, followed by 42 Commando in reserve, came ashore at Green Beaches 1 and 2 close to San Carlos Settlement. The surrounding green hills were bathed in bright morning sunshine.

Once ashore, the units dug in, as helicopters ferried in guns, ammunition, stores and vehicles. In the darkness the Argentinian defenders had withdrawn, and it was to be a few hours before their first response was to fire a machine-gun at two of the Gazelle helicopters, killing three men.

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