Front Line and Fortitude

Front Line and Fortitude
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Front Line and Fortitude

Memoirs of a Wasbie with the `Forgotten Army'

By Elizabeth Lockhart-Mure

A unique memoir based on the wartime diaries of Maria Pilbrow, MBE, who, as a young newlywed, followed her army husband to India in 1943. There she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Services (Burma), an intrepid band of women who provided canteen services for the men of the Fourteenth Army during the Burma Campaign of the Second World War.

This is the first full-length book to acknowledge the Wasbies, as they were called, who worked tirelessly in appalling jungle conditions, but who today have all but disappeared from history: they have become the forgotten women of the Forgotten Army.

It’s a revelation. Before reading Front Line and Fortitude I didn’t know anything about the indefatigable WasbIes and their struggle against all odds to bring comfort and a moment of friendliness and normality in the middle if that ghastly war….. 
I love the way you have sandwiched her actual diary between the brilliant description of Kenya and post war in Asia.
A fascinating glimpse into another finer, braver world.”    Joanna Lumley 


Copies of the book can also be purchased direct from the author which helps to raise funds for The Burma Star Association. Please email 

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