“From the Sea, Freedom: The Falklands Conflict 1982”

BMMHS has built a close collaboration with the National Army Museum in London over the last 12 months.

The NAM  is running a series of 3 talks and interviews over the next few weeks on the Falklands War, with leading participants in the conflict and they have kindly invited BMMHS supporters to view the recordings of these  virtual talks, by logging in with the attached links.

The series of three lectures are presented by those who were closely involved, dealing with the Commanders’ view (General Sir Michael Rose and Major General Julian Thompson), the air and maritime campaigns (Rear Admirals Chris Parry CBE PhD) and the contribution of the Special Forces (Cedric Delves and Danny West). They are not open to the Public: Members-only and Guests of the museum.

Falklands NAM
Image courtesy of Cedric Delves. Copyright reserved.

“The Commanders’ War – Lessons Learned and Re-learned” 17th December, 18:30

Dr Chris Parry will discuss with General Sir Michael Rose (Command, 22 SAS) and Major General Julian Thompson (Command, as a Brigadier, 3 Commando Brigade) how the initial assessment and outline plan for the recapture of the islands was formulated and the ways in which planning was adapted as the campaign progressed. This event will be pre-recorded. Password: w4eFR6Dnh


“The Falklands Conflict 1982, ‘Getting You There, Keeping You Going, Watching Your Backs’: the Maritime and Air Campaigns” 26th January, 18:30

Dr Chris Parry will combine both historical and personal insights to describe the extraordinarily complex and difficult operation of this conflict. Success on land in the Falklands War would not have been possible without the ability to deploy and sustain forces over a distance of 8000 miles or without the maritime and air capability to deter, disrupt and destroy intervention by Argentinian forces. Password: YXsKLgj4


“A Front Line View: an SAS squadron’s war” 2nd February,18:30

Lt Gen Sir Cedric Delves KBE DSO and Danny West both members of D Squadron 22 SAS saw action in South Georgia and across the Falklands archipelago. This is their story as recalled by the Squadron’s Officer Commanding and Second-in-Command.
Password: 93vusx2A