25pdr Korean War
Korean War Imjin River

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Royal Artillery Gunner Korea

Evening Zoom Talk:

The Gunners at the Imjin River – 22 to 25 April 1951. The Korean War.

Chris Finn

BMMHS Virtual Talks

Battlefield Guide and  RAF Group Captain Chris Finn gave an outstanding talk via Zoom last evening to the BMMHS about the Battle of Imjin in 1951 during the Korean War.   Describing in detail the role of the Royal Artillery in this strategic battle in trying to protect the route to Seoul from the People’s Liberation Army (the Chinese Army),  Chris  told of the intensity of the fighting over a 4 day period against  overwhelming odds.  In this short time, the RA fired more rounds than the entire Falklands War, firing thousands of rounds in the most difficult of conditions.  

An excellent presentation, very well explained with maps and photos, the Zoom talk with a lengthy and interesting Q&A afterwards was very well received.

Many thanks Chris.  We look forward to another talk from you in the not too distant future.