BMMHS Reaches £5000 for Military Charities

BMMHS has now raised over £5000 for military charities

Just over three years since the British Modern Military History Society (BMMHS) was founded and despite the intervention of COVID, we are delighted to have raised over £5,000 for military charities. 

Donations are made from our live meetings in south Oxfordshire and Zoom talks – our speakers decide their chosen charity – and from sales of the three books in the Glimpses of War series, which raise funds for Blind Veterans UK, including the recently published Glimpses of the Falklands War to mark the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the Falkland Islands.

Details of our talks and books can be found on    The books are all available on Amazon.

A big thank you to all our supporters, our speakers and everyone who has assisted on this journey, enabling numerous military charities to benefit.

Military Charity
Just some of the charities benefitting from BMMHS Events and Publications

Glimpses of The Falklands War – Endorsement

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Glimpses of The Falklands War - Book Launch Video

"Many vivid and wide-ranging eye-witness accounts"

I thoroughly recommend ‘Glimpses of the Falklands War’ to you. Its many vivid and wide-ranging eye-witness accounts, most never before published, are riveting to read, bringing the war and its aftermath alive on the printed page. The BMMHS is certainly to be congratulated for galvanising some two hundred contributors from across the globe, including the Falklands and Argentina, to reveal their individual memories of so many different aspects, and for collating and publishing them, all in just a few months; the result is a very powerful and unique testimony to the life-changing event that was the Falklands War. The accounts in ‘Glimpses’ are all the more poignant for being tempered by forty years’ reflection and reconciliation, and for helping raise funds for Blind Veterans UK.

‘Glimpses’ also holds a mirror to events today, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and offers a glimpse into future wars too; technology may change but the nature of war, its results, and human emotions and  reactions, remain the same. There is hope too: the steely determination not to bow down and surrender to an aggressor, and the empathy of others, come across strongly in this book; this resonates with Europe and the world today and will doubtless continue to do so for wars potentially yet to come or preventable. Wars are about people, and self-determination, much more than about geography. Potential aggressors, think twice, and desist. There are no winners in war. ‘Glimpses’ offers us a glimpse into present and future, just as much as it does into recent past.

David Vassallo,
Chairman, Friends of Millbank

Scout Darwin
Casualty evacuation on Darwin by 656 Sqn Army Air Corps. Courtesy of Chris Nunn
The Falklands Conflict. Flight deck operations on board HMS HERMES.
THE FALKLANDS CONFLICT, APRIL - JUNE 1982 (FKD 127) Flight deck operations on board HMS HERMES. A Sea Harrier takes off from the ski-jump while various missiles, helicopters and vehicles crowd the flight deck of the carrier. The arms front to back include: 1000lb GP bombs with type 114 'Slick' tails, 1000lb GP Bombs with Type 117 parachute 'retarded' tails, Sidewinder air-to-air missiles and Sea Skua air-to-surface missiles. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Glimpses of War – Falklands Conflict

Glimpses of the Falklands War

The latest book in the Glimpses of War series, Glimpses of the Falklands War, is currently being compiled and edited as we speak. As with other volumes of Glimpses of War, all profits will go to the charity Blind Veterans UK.  #blindveterans

We have had an overwhelming response to the request for articles and contributions from as far afield as the Falkland Islands, Canada, Argentina, the USA  and of course the UK. The experiences and stories are from military personnel from all the services, civilians, Falkland Islanders, Argentines and more. Some are from well-known names from the war, while many are from the ranks of service men and women who served as young adults. The experiences of the Falkland Islanders who were under occupation and bombardment for seven weeks are graphically described.   Likewise  the stories and memories of those serving on ships that were sunk and those soldiers telling of fierce fighting in atrocious weather conditions to get to Stanley are vivid and emotional. There are also contributions from lesser recognised quarters such as military intelligence, the dockyard workers who prepared the ships for war, the aircrews who rescued survivors from  blazing vessels, and the medics and chaplains who healed and comforted the bodies and minds of friend and foe.  

The appeal for articles and contributions has now closed, so thank you to those who have sent in their stories.

Glimpses of the Falklands War will be published in June to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Liberation Day, and will be available on Amazon.

Please tell your friends and associates about this project, and do buy the book once released as it is for a very worthy cause.


The BMMHS Team

Registered charity in England and Wales (216227) and in Scotland (SC039411). A percentage of royalties will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.

Glimpses of War Volume 2

Glimpses 2 Editors

Progress Update on the manuscript for Glimpses of War Volume 2

The proof reading has been completed

A special thanks from us to our team of proof readers:-  Chris, David, Geoff, Mike, Nick, Steve & Vicky. 

Glimpses of War

A compilation of military stories and eyewitness accounts to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK

Terry Bullingham BVUK

Glimpses of War – Now available on Amazon

We are delighted to confirm the publication of Glimpses of War, scheduled for 8th May, the anniversary of VE Day, can now be purchased on Amazon.   Proceeds will go to the wonderful charity Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s).

Glimpses of War available on AmazonLeaflet
Registered charity in England and Wales (216227) and in Scotland (SC039411). A percentage of royalties will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.