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Weds 16th  October 2019

Prof John Buckley

Weds 13th  November 2019

Maj Gen Gordon Risius

Weds 11th December 2019

David Ray

Weds 15th January 2020 

Grp Capt David Drew 

Weds  5th February 2020

Robert Dicketts

Weds  8th  April 2020

Prof Gary Sheffield

Weds  13th May 2020

Robin Brodhurst

Weds  10th June 2020

Chris Munns

Weds  9th September 2020

Paul Beaver

Weds  9th December 2020

Simon Jones

Weds  10th February 2021

Stephen Bungay

Weds  10th March 2021

Clare Mulley

Weds  14th April 2021

Dilip Sarkar

The Blast of War

The Blast of War

Weds  12th May 2021

John Peaty

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