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Weds 25th September 2019

Dr Helen Fry  

A Very Secret War: Bugging Hitler’s Generals in World War 2

Weds 16th  October 2019

Prof John Buckley

British Airborne Landing at Arnhem in 1944

Weds 13th  November 2019

Maj Gen Gordon Risius

The story of a remarkable murder court-martial

Weds 11th December 2019

David Ray

Colditz: Beyond and Behind the Myths

Weds 15th January 2020 

Grp Capt David Drew 

Air-to-Air refuelling during the Falklands

Weds  5th February 2020

Robert Dicketts

Our Man in Hamburg  – a true spy story of World War 2

Weds  11th  March 2020

Bill Pyke

Sir John Slessor – An unsung Cold War Strategist

Weds  8th  April 2020

Prof Gary Sheffield

Amateur Soldiering Tradition in Britain & the Empire 

EMPIRE FORCES IN GREAT BRITAIN 1939-1945 (H 1821) Troops and nursing sisters of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force line the rails of a troopship as it docks at Gourock on the Clyde, 19 June 1940. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Weds  13th May 2020

Robin Brodhurst

The Battle of the Atlantic: the Turning Point

Weds  10th June 2020

Chris Munns

Cold War – RN Submarine Operations

Weds  8th July 2020

Paul Barnett

Operation Tiger – Slapton Sands

Slapton US Practice

Weds  9th September 2020

Paul Beaver

Taranto – The Sinking of The Italian Fleet

Weds  14th October 2020

Bill King

The Role of the ATA & Women in the RAF

THE AIR TRANSPORT AUXILIARY IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR (CH 8935) Second Officer Jadwiga Pilsudska, a Polish female pilot serving in the ATA. Maidenhead, 19 March 1943.
She is a daughter of Marshal Józef Pilsudski, the prewar leader of Poland. Before war she was a renowned glider pilot. In September 1939, together with her sister and mother, she escaped from Soviet-occupied Wilno to Sweden and then to Britain. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Weds  9th December 2020

Simon Jones

Warfare Underground

Unex Mine

Weds  10th February 2020

Stephen Bungay


On This Day: 5th September 1942 Battle at Alam Halfa ends
Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Photograph Courtesy of the National Archives & Records Administration
The Battle of Alam el Halfa took place between 30 August and 5 September 1942 south of El Alamein during the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War

Weds  14th April 2021

Dilip Sarkar

The Blast of War

On This Day: 12 August 1940 the Luftwaffe begins systemic assault on RAF

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