Book Review: - the Luftwaffe over Brum by Steve Richards

Steve Richards
Luftwaffe over Brum
Luftwaffe over Brum Aircraft Factory

Don’t be put off by the title of this book in that it is not just about the war over Birmingham but a reflection of the Luftwaffe’s operations across the whole country while using the City as the main focus to give a snapshot of the wider picture.

Having known Steve Richards for a number of years and followed his journey of bringing this book to print, I have been impressed as to the level of detail and his determination to produce a very high quality publication and overcoming the many obstacles that have confronted him.

The emphasis with Steve’s research throughout is on ensuring that he has used primary sources for his information rather than taking short cuts and recycling previously published information and material, making use of local and The National Archives, uncovering much previously undocumented papers and photographs.

There are some really fascinating stories from the Luftwaffe airmen who were targeting Britain’s second city, those on the receiving end of all the bombs and the RAF airmen who were trying their best to stop the German raiders. An essential record that has not previously been put into print and otherwise would have been lost to history.

The book is very readable and produced in a high quality A4 format making the many photographs sharp and clear and where available in colour.

The book is 144 pages long, with a detailed bibliography and essential index.

This is an ideal book for anyone who wishes to have an insight into the air war over Britain, it is very readable and something that can be either read through from cover to cover or just dipped into on a regular basis, whichever way it is always a pleasure.

I find this book an absolute delight. I am proud in a very small way to have been able to help Steve bring this project to fruition and it certainly exceeded all my expectations. It is now in its third edition and deservedly so. It is an invaluable contribution to the history of the air war over Britain.


Review by Nigel Parker, author and German Air Force historian.

Author: Steve Richards

ISBN: 978-0-9563708-3-9

Format: 280 x 215mm


Number of pages: 144

Illustrations: 161 black and white, 26 colour and 6 coloured maps

Price: £19.95
Postage: UK £2.00, EU £7.00, Rest of the World: £11.00 air mail, £6.75 surface mail.

Purchasing your Copy

the Luftwaffe over Brum may be obtained via Steve’s website priced £19.95.

It is also available from Amazon (click above) and, indeed, any local bookshop ought to be able to obtain it through their preferred wholesaler for you.

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