BMMHS Evening Zoom Talk: Arnhem


Speaker: Jo Hook

This Zoom Talk will be scheduled to start at 7:30pm

Zoom Jan 2022

Tuesday 4th January 2022; 7:30pm

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The talk describes the action that 2 Para were involved in at Arnhem and those who returned. It includes the planning of the operation, the fighting at the bridge and the soldiers who escaped later via Operation Pegasus.

[ Arnhem ] (IWM FLM 1210) British paratroops landing in a field on the edge of a wood - Arnhem. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
OPERATION 'MARKET GARDEN' (THE BATTLE FOR ARNHEM): 17 - 25 SEPTEMBER 1944 (HU 5417) Arnhem 17 - 25 September 1944: A group of survivors from the Arnhem Operation arriving at Nijmegen after the evacuation and having their first drink. One of them, Captain Jan Linzel (second from left) is a member of the Dutch Royal Navy attached to No 10 Commando. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
Arnhem IWM (K7586)
THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM, SEPTEMBER 1944 (EA 38134) Arnhem 17 - 25 September 1944: US paratroops of the 82nd (US) Airborne Division unload a wrecked glider after landing some way to the south of Arnhem. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

About the speaker - Jo Hook

Jo is an accredited guide with the Guild of Battlefield guides and has taken many groups from diverse backgrounds around the Arnhem battlefields and is a full time guide for many battlegrounds of Europe.

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