BMMHS Zoom Evening Talk: Ice Stations to Action Stations

Speaker: Dr Linda Parker

Ice Stations to Action Stations

This Zoom Talk is scheduled to start at 7:30pm

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Ice Stations to Action Stations

This talk tells the story of the “curious little war” that took place on the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard 1941-1945. The island of Spitsbergen was the site of confrontation between the allies and Germany as the weather stations that both sides attempted to maintain there were strategically important for the course of the war in Europe, including D-Day. 

The men involved on both sides had been prominent polar explorers in the interwar years, and Alexander ‘Sandy’ Glen in particular used the skills he had acquired in his pre-war exploration of the archipelago in the game of cat and mouse that took place as each side sought to obtain the advantage of obtaining regular weather forecasts and knowledge of Atlantic and Arctic conditions.

Ice stations to Action Stations

About the Speaker

After teaching History for twenty or so years Linda decided to change course and enjoyed studied for her PhD at Birmingham University. She is now an independent scholar and author. Her main writing focus is on army chaplaincy in both world wars, and her main historical interests lie in 20th century military, social and religious history but she also has a keen interest in the history of polar exploration.

Linda enjoys travelling at home and abroad to present papers at conferences on a variety of topics related to her writing interests. Her hobbies include walking, preferably in cold places, and one of her ambitions is to travel to Antarctica.

Linda is a co-founder of the British Modern Military History Society and is a member of the Royal Historical Society  ,the Western Front Association, The American Commission for Military History and the Society for Military History. She is a trustee of the Toc H movement and convenor of Toc H Wessex.

For further details of Linda’s books and publications see Linda’s website

Dr Linda Parker

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