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During 2021 BMMHS will continue monthly Zoom talks and look to resume live meetings in September. However with the uncertainty over COVID-19 and the restrictions, the meetings we have organised may revert to Zoom talks.  So please check on the website homepage  for the latest information.



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BZT Afternoon 5th Jan 2021

The Battle of Kursk – The largest tank battle in history

Gareth Davies – Zoom Talk

THE BATTLE OF KURSK, JULY-AUGUST 1943 (HU 40710) Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers returning to their base fly low over an advancing German column of Panzer III tanks and softskin vehicles on the Orel front, July 1943. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Why the Allies won the First World War


Professor Gary Sheffield – Zoom Talk

The Battle of Britain 80 Years On

Chris Leworthy – Zoom Talk


Stephen Bungay – Zoom Talk

The Intelligence, Deception & Communications for D Day

Bill Steadman – Zoom Talk

BZT Evening 10th March 2021

The Sinking of the Russian Nuclear Submarine Kursk

Peter Burt – Zoom Talk

This talk replaces Clare Mulley’s talk on The Women who Flew for Hitler. Clare’s talk will be re-scheduled as a later date as a live talk when COVID conditions allow.

BZT Afternoon 6th April 2021
Secrets and Spies – How German spies lost the Battle of Britain

Graham Randall, Bawdsey Radar Trust – Zoom Talk

CH Transmitter
BZT Evening 14th April 2021

Operation Carthage – The bombing of the Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen

David Drew – Zoom Talk

Operation Carthage
BZTAfternoon 4th May 2021

Ships and Stars and Isles

Mark Taylor – Zoom Talk

Ships Stars and Isles
BZT Evening 12th May 2021

The Battle of The Atlantic

Robin Brodhurst – Zoom Talk

This talk replaces Dr John Peaty’s talk on Lawrence of Arabia. We hope be able re-schedule John’s talk at a later date.

The Battle of the Atlantic: the Turning Point
BZT Afternoon 1st June 2021

The Zeppelin Onslaught – Britain’s Forgotten Blitz

Ian Castle – Zoom Talk

BZT Evening 9th June 2021

The Battle of the Nile

Philip Allan – Zoom Talk

Due to COVID this Meeting has been changed to a Zoom Talk

Battle of the Nile 1798
BZT Afternoon 6th July 2021

The Real War Horse

Lucy Betteridge-Dyson – Zoom Talk

Real War Horse
BZT Evening 14th July 2021

Operation Pedestal

David Vassallo – Zoom Talk

Operation Pedestal
Meeting 8th Sept 2021

MI9 Escape and Evasion

Dr Helen Fry – Village Hall

MI( Helen Fry
BZT Afternoon 14th Sept 2021

The 2nd Mounted Division at Gallipoli 

Ian Binnie – Zoom Talk

Gallipoli Warwicks
BZT Afternoon 5th Oct 2021

Battle of Britain: Eagle Day and the London Blitz

Kathy Quinlan-Flatter and Linda Parker – Zoom Talk

Battle of Britain
Meeting 13th Oct 2021


Gareth Glover

BZT Afternoon 2 Nov 2021

The role of NCOs in the British and Dominion Armies

Gary Sheffield – Zoom Talk

El Alamein
Meeting 10th Nov 2021

A Bomber Command Navigator and POW

Stuart Green – Meeting

This talk replaces Paul Beaver’s talk on Suez

Stirling & Welington
BZT Afternoon 7th Dec 2021

“He’s a Lumberjack and he’s Okay…” The Canadian Corps 1914-1917

Rob Thompson – Zoom Talk

This Zoom talk replaces Peter Caddick-Adams’ talk on the Battle of the Bulge

Canadian Corp
Meeting 15th Dec 2021

Alamein: T’was a Famous Victory

Professor Niall Barr – Meeting

Meeting Cancelled – COVID. We hope be able re-schedule Niall’s talk at a later date.

A British infantryman capturing a German tank crewman at El Alamein, 1942

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