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BMMHS Zoom Talks 2022

In addition to the meetings in the village hall, we will be running monthly Zoom talks on the first Tuesday of the month in the evening at 7:30 pm. 

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Zoom Jan 2022


Jo Hook – Zoom Talk

Arnhem © IWM (BU1162)
Meeting 12th Jan 2022

The Real Great Escape

Guy Walters – Meeting

Guy Walters The Great Escape
Zoom Feb 2022

Cold War Royal Navy Submarine Operations

Chris Munns – Zoom Talk

Cold War Royal Navy Submarine operations
Meeting 9th Feb 2022

SOE in Burma

Dr Richard Duckett – Meeting

SOE in Burma
Zoom March 2022

The Boer War

Spencer Jones – Zoom Talk

Boer War - A siege on a blockhouse
Meeting 9th March 2022

From Wellington’s Army towards Kitchener’s Army: The Crimean War and its Consequences

John Cotterill – Meeting

Crimean War
Zoom April 2022

The Indian Mutiny

Patrick Mercer – Zoom Talk

Indian Mutiny
Meeting 13th April 2022

From the Sea Freedom: The Falklands Conflict

Chris Parry – Meeting 

The Falklands Conflict. Flight deck operations on board HMS HERMES.
Zoom May 2022 copy

79th Armoured Division – Hobart’s Funnies

Gareth Davies – Zoom Talk

79th Armoured Division - Hobarts Funnies
Meeting 11th May 2022

Bomb Disposal

Ian Jones – Meeting

Ian Jones bomb Disposal
Meeting 8th June 2022

The Women who flew for Hitler

Clare Mulley – Meeting

The Women who Flew for Hitler
Zoom 14th June 2022

The Battle of Midway

Jon Parshall – Zoom Talk

Zoom July 2022

The Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939-40

David Caldwell-Evans – Zoom Talk

Meeting 13th July 2022

Frontier Ablaze: How the British Army operated on India’s N.W. Frontier in the 1930s


Mike Tickner – Meeting

Nick Brazil Forgotten war
Zoom September 2022

The Mesopotamia Campaign in the First World War

Paul Knight – Zoom Talk

INDIAN FORCES IN MESOPOTAMIA, 1918 (Q 24781) Jat Lewis gunner firing at enemy plane while the other Sepoys rush to funk pits for safety, Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
Meeting 14th Sept 2022

Dudley Pound and the decision to scatter convoy PQ17 – July 1942

Robin Brodhurst – Meeting

Zoom Oct 2022 copy

Army Aviation in Northern Ireland

John Greenacre – Zoom Talk

Army Aviation in Northern Ireland
Meeting 12th Oct 2022

White Ship – Red Crosses

Nicci Pugh – Meeting

Nicci Pugh - White Ship Red Crosses
Zoom Nov 2022 copy

273 Squadron RAF

Philip Piper – Zoom Talk

Meeting Nov 2022

Who Were The Few?

Geoff Simpson – Meeting

Tuck's Luck
Zoom December 2022

The Gurkhas

Doug Henderson/Daren Bowyer – Zoom Talk

History of the Gurkhas
meeting December 2022

The Battle of the River Plate

Peter Hore – Meeting

River Plate Hore

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With the uncertainty over COVID-19 and the restrictions, the meetings we have organised may revert to Zoom talks at short notice.  So please check on the website homepage  for the latest information.

Please note we will not be recording or streaming any of our live meetings or Zoom talks.

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For 2022, in addition to the meetings in the village hall, we will be running monthly Zoom talks on the first Tuesday of the month in the evening at 7:30 pm. Please note dates may change.

We look forward to welcoming you to our BMMHS Events.

The BMMHS Team

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