BMMHS Evening Meeting: Norway, Resistance & Collaboration

Norway, Resistance & Collaboration

Speaker: Tony Babb

BMMHS Meeting Venue

Woodcote Village Hall, Reading Road, Woodcote, RG8 0QY

Norway, Resistance & Collaboration

THE GERMAN INVASION OF NORWAY, 1940 (HU 55639) Norwegian soldiers in the neighbourhood of Kongsvinger, 40 miles north east of Oslo, where they took part in the resistance of the German advance, 28 April 1940. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
THE GERMAN INVASION OF NORWAY, 1940 (HU 93720) German horse-drawn artillery with a leFH 18 10.5cm howitzer near Oslo, 14 April 1940. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
GESTAPO H.Q. OSLO (BU 6187) Original wartime caption: Two of the Quislings, now in captivity at the H.Q. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
Women of the Allies ... Fight for Freedom (Art.IWM PST 16048) Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
The Norwegians resisted the German invasion for longer than most of Europe and then they had to live with occupation. Some would see this as an opportunity for themselves and the word ‘Quisling’ would come to mean collaboration. Others took the opposite view and in this these people were to help the world overcome Hitler by taking positive action to resist.

About the speaker - Tony Babb

Tony served for 23 years in the Royal Navy as a weapons systems engineer and is a 1982 Falkland’s veteran and his seagoing service saw him on six different warships, including HMS Sheffield.
He is an international guest speaker, historian and author.
His stories about life in the Royal Navy use many of his photographs and memories from a varied career to give a personal insight into the Royal Navy including details about HMS Sheffield’s loss, Captain Salt’s return to the Falklands on HMS Southampton and weapons systems performance in the war.
Interest in Norway was kindled by marriage to a Norwegian and many visits to the country where he has gained many insights  into life during the war.

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