BMMHS Zoom Afternoon Talk: The Blitz in London December 1940

Battle of Britain: Eagle Day and the London Blitz

From German British Perspectives

Speakers: Kathy Quinlan-Flatter and Linda Parker

BZT Afternoon 5th Oct 2021

Tuesday 5th October 2021; 2:00pm

Hear more about the events of the December 1940 Blitz, from German historian Katherine Quinlan-Flatter and British researcher Linda Parker

Join us for a joint talk examining the Blitz over London 80 years ago, from both the British and German perspectives. Linda Parker and Katherine Quinlan-Flatter will present their research, and take questions from the audience.

Battle of Britain
THE LONDON BLITZ 1940 (HU 54557) Composite photograph of St Paul's Cathedral with vapour trails above it, purporting to show a scene during the Battle of Britain. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:
Battle of Britain
THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, JULY-OCTOBER 1940 (C 5423) Two German Dornier 17 bombers over West Ham in London during a raid on the first day of the Blitz, 7 September 1940. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

About the Speakers

Kathy Quinlan-Flatter

Kathy Quinlan-Flatter was born in Calcutta in post-British India and grew up in England. Following studies in German, French and International Relations she moved to Germany where she worked for around 30 years as a software consultant and technical author. Today, she is active as a journalist and historian and works for various newspapers and institutions in Germany and Britain. She holds German and British nationality.

Linda Parker

After teaching History for twenty or so years Linda decided to change course and enjoyed studied for her PhD at Birmingham University. She is now an independent scholar and author. Her main writing focus is on army chaplaincy in both world wars, and her main historical interests lie in 20th century military, social and religious history but she also has a keen interest in the history of polar exploration.

Linda enjoys travelling at home and abroad to present papers at conferences on a variety of topics related to her writing interests. Her hobbies include walking, preferably in cold places, and one of her ambitions is to travel to Antarctica.

Linda is a co-founder of the British Modern Military History Society and is a member of the Royal Historical Society ,the Western Front Association, The American Commission for Military History and the Society for Military History. She is a trustee of the Toc H movement and convenor of Toc H Wessex.

For further details of Linda’s books and publications see Linda’s website

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