A wing and a prayer

About the authors: Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker has followed a career in Engineering and for 23 years ran the Cryogenics Department at Oxford University. Having a lifelong interest in military aviation and being involved in the research and recovery of many crashed military aircraft he chose to take early retirement and follow his passion; writing a twelve volume series on the German Air Force losses over Great Britain in World War 2; “Luftwaffe Crash Archive”, followed by a three volume series entitled “Gott Strafe England”; the German air assault against Great Britain 1914 – 1918. He is now writing a book on the V1 and V2 campaign and also a revised history of the Battle of Britain.

The cover shows the remains of Zeppelin L 48 that was shot down at Theberton, Suffolk. together with Kapitänleutnant Otto Lowe, Kommandeur of Zeppelin L 19 that was lost in the North Sea.

About the authors: Linda Parker

Linda Parker is an independent scholar and author. Her main writing focus is on army chaplaincy in both world wars (see linda-parker.co.uk ), and her main historical interests lie in 20th century military, social and religious history but she also has a keen interest in the history of polar exploration.
She enjoys travelling at home and abroad to present papers at conferences on a variety of topics related to her writing interests. Her hobbies include walking, preferably in cold places, and one of her ambitions is to travel to Antarctica.
She is a member of the Royal Historical Society and the Western Front Association, the American Commission for Military History, the Society for Military History and co-founder of The British Modern Military History Society. She is a trustee of the Toc H movement.
Nearer My God to Thee is her sixth book for Helion & Co.
Linda's chapter in Operation Market Garden is called "The Defence of the Most High: The role of Chaplains in the Battle of Arnhem"
Linda's latest Book is due for release later this year. Click here for further details.