A wing and a prayer

About the authors: Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker has followed a career in Engineering and for 23 years ran the Cryogenics Department at Oxford University. Having a lifelong interest in military aviation and being involved in the research and recovery of many crashed military aircraft he chose to take early retirement and follow his passion; writing a twelve volume series on the German Air Force losses over Great Britain in World War 2; “Luftwaffe Crash Archive”, followed by a three volume series entitled “Gott Strafe England”; the German air assault against Great Britain 1914 – 1918. He is now writing a book on the V1 and V2 campaign and also a revised history of the Battle of Britain.

The cover shows the remains of Zeppelin L 48 that was shot down at Theberton, Suffolk. together with Kapitänleutnant Otto Lowe, Kommandeur of Zeppelin L 19 that was lost in the North Sea.

About the authors: Linda Parker

Dr. Linda Parker is a former history teacher now an independent researcher and author. Her main interests are in 20th century military, religious and social history particularly the role of the chaplains in 20th century wars. She has published several books on this topic (see linda-parker.co.uk ). Linda enjoys trips to First and Second World War Battlefields.
Linda's chapter in Operation Market Garden is called "The Defence of the Most High: The role of Chaplains in the Battle of Arnhem"